Research Tools

Start here to research and screen companies before making investment decisions.

Tip Ranks stock screener research tool


A great place to screen a stock, check price targets and analyst views. The Smart Portfolio also allows you to compare your performance with others and quickly view investor sentiment for your holdings.

Simply Wall St stock screening tool

Simply Wall St

A no-nonsense analysis platform providing beautifully presented graphs and benchmark data on over 72,000 listed companies to help you filter through the noise. Essential when taking a deep dive on potential investments.

Yahoo Finance stocks website

Yahoo Finance

One of the most popular financial platforms for a reason. Yahoo Finance aggregates news from across the world and combines it with up-to-date financial data. The 'Conversations' chat facility is also handy to check sentiment.

Atom Finance investing tools

Atom Finance

Investment research tools, news and portfolio analysis. The daily digest email also provides useful pre-market insights, top news and upcoming events for the companies in your portfolio. A very well designed app.

TIKR Terminal

TIKR Terminal

Explore financials, estimates, valuation metrics, ratios, and more for 100k+ stocks globally. A free customisable analysis platform with screeners, watchlists and more to supercharge your investment strategy.

Stock Card market research

Stock Card

Stock Card is an automated and personalised investment guidance platform for everyday investors, making use of machine learning and behavioural science. A great place to find stock ideas and monitor existing holdings.