Top investors to follow on Twitter

Top investors to follow on Twitter: summer 2021 edition

Getting into the right mindset for long-term investing involves reading around the subject, listening to podcasts, self-learning, but also it’s important to surround yourself with experts and the insight they can bring. It’s worth following those who share your investment philosophy, as well as those who can offer a contrarian opinion to bring balance and checks against your assumptions.

Here’s a list of great people and accounts to follow on Twitter that will help further your knowledge and open your eyes to the world of investing:

1. David Gardner: @DavidGFool

Co-Founder of The Motley Fool. Champions a long-term mindset when it comes to investing, to “let your winners run” and “add to your winners”.

Note: when “Fool” or “Foolish” is written with a capital “F” it represents the Motley Fool investment philosophy.

2. Morgan Housel: @morganhousel

Partner at The Collaborative Fund, former Wall Street Journal columnist and author of The Psychology of Money. Morgan keeps his audience updated with investing and life lessons – well worth a follow.

3. Enrique Abeyta: @enriqueabeyta

Contrarian investor and SPAC expert, Enrique is Editor at Empire Financial Research (founded by former hedge-fund manager Whitney Tilson). Follow for topical and timely insights, humour and analysis.

4. Cathie Wood: @CathieDWood

One of the most successful investors over the last 12-18 months, Cathie is Founder and CEO of ARK Invest. With an eye for innovation and technology trends, she’s worth following for horizon scans and insights.

5. Visual Capitalist: @VisualCap

Insights in global trends, investing and technology displayed in visually pleasing and accessible formats. Its data-driven visuals provide a good mix to your feed.

6. Robert Reynolds: @popularinvestor

Going by the pseudonym The Popular Investor on Youtube, Robert produces great content on company deep dives and investing analysis. His smart approach to investing and portfolio management makes his Twitter and YouTube accounts well worth subscribing to.

7. Jason A. Moser: @TMFJMo

Jason is a senior analyst with The Motley Fool and features on the majority of their podcasts, offering interesting topical commentary and analysis.

8. Ray Dalio: @RayDalio

Legendary investor Ray Dalio is a must follow. Founder of Bridgewater Associates and author of New York Times best seller Principles, Ray provides an enviable investing philosophy and outlook on life.

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