Want to start investing but don’t know how to begin?

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Let's start from the beginning...

1. Why do people invest?

Even if you’re great at saving money and have built up a healthy figure in a savings account, your hard work isn’t rewarded in the long run. Over time, inflation will eat away at your pot and reduce the value of your savings.

For example, cash left in a bank account for 25 years with an inflation rate of 3% would slash the value of your savings in half!

This is why putting your money to work by seeking out good investments can help grow your wealth and prevent inflation from eroding away at your efforts.

2. Pre-investing checklist:

3. Great, but where should I invest?

Money you need to use in the next year should be kept in cash – keep it in an easy access savings account.

If you have plans for money to be used in the next 1 to 5 years, choose funds with short to intermediate-term bonds.

Any money not needed within 5 years can be put to work in the stock market.

How do I start?

We recommend taking some time to teach yourself. A great place to start is our Top Tips section.